IO2 - ArtIn Future - Digital skills

In order to get a feeling of how artificial intelligence (AI) works in practice, an AI Boot camp with group work was developed and organised in a pilot activity. It will be an experimental training for educators and learners for which the additional project partner designed the training concept and sampled material. Within three progressive units of 90 minutes each, learners get to know how humans and machines learn. They transfer their knowledge into practice by testing out AI applications. The differentiating character offers three didactical accesses (haptical, linguistic and abstract) depending on the learning preferences of the target group.

Experimental Training Concept - Experimental Training Material - AI Boot Camp


A handout for educators

Development via Haptical approach

Introduction via Linguistic approach – Introductory Questions

Introduction via Haptical and Abstract approach

Recap via Abstract and Linguistic approach

Introduction via Linguistic and Abstract approach

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