In March 2021, the Erasmus+ project " ArtIn Future" was started and deals with a very current trend-artificial intelligence (AI). This strategic partner project focuses on the impact of the modern global world and its influence on all generations (students, educators, entrepreneurs, wider public) and aims to raise awareness of (AI). We want to support everyone to get an easy access to one of the trends in 2021 by implenting the "ArtIn Future" Project. Three main issuses are adressed by ArtIn Future: "Ethics in AI", "AI digital skills" and "AI in the Business world".


ArtIn Future wants to address the lack of general knowledge about AI, needs of digital skills and critical thinking by developing and implementing three Intellectual Outputs (IOs):

  • ArtIn Future - Ethics in Artificial Intelligence
    Training material to "clean up" with AI myths
  • ArtIn Future Digital skills
    An experiential training course for educators working particularly with young (adult) learners
  • ArtIn Future - AI in the Business world
    An OER HUB to help better understand how companies use AI and which competences are needed to perform these tasks

These intellectual outcomes will be supported by a variety of management related products and a series of multiplier events during the ArtIn Future Show Case month towards the end of the project implementation. This "roadshow" style of promotion event shall reach at least 110 potential multipliers and mainstreaming participants. The project will directly involve 125 educators - coming from secondary to higher vocational education levels - and 250 of their learners in Germany, Austria, Latvia and Spain and will reach by its foreseen further dissemination activities (like online representation and information) min. 6000 people across Europe.


The project is undertaken by five partners

  • IB - Internationaler Bund (IB), IB Mitte gGmbH für Bilung und soziale Dienste (Dresden, Germany)
  • BEST - Institut für Berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH (Vienna, Austria)
  • DTS - Daugavpils tehnikums (Daugavpils Technical School) (Daugavpils, Latvia)
  • CEIP - Felix Cuadrado Lomas (Cisterniga, Spain)
  • TUD - Technische Universität Dresden (Dresden, Germany)

The project will continue till February 2023.


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