ArtIn Future – Artificial Intelligence

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence increased to two mega trends in our society. Many institutions try to implement these boosters in their internal business structures. However, vocation educational schools in general also need to learn more about it. Further more these two trends have to be better implemented in school curricula and education pathways within a holistic approach. In an easy playful way the project demonstrates the integration of digital strategies in the field of education.


Karin Kronika
BEST - Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH
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Prof. Dr. Anke Langner
Technische Universität Dresden
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Ethics in artifical intelligence

This result is a toolkit with learning material - with suitable input for self-guided, as well as classroom learning – on applying ethical principles in Artificial Intelligence. It addresses teachers/ educators who receive special recommendations with the material for classroom implementation and sample material which can be easily adapted to their learners. The content is designed covering three units, each for about three hours duration in average.

Digital skills

In order to get a feeling of how artificial intelligence (AI) works in practice, an AI Boot camp with group work was developed and organised in a pilot activity. It will be an experimental training for educators and learners for which the additional project partner designed the training concept and sampled material. Within three progressive units of 90 minutes each, learners get to know how humans and machines learn. They transfer their knowledge into practice by testing out AI applications. The differentiating character offers three didactical accesses (haptical, linguistic and abstract) depending on the learning preferences of the target group.

AI in the business world

Referring to the intellectual output (IO) 3 a OER HUB was designed is made available to the public. The OER-HUB is presenting AI show cases from companies, products designed applying AI, success stories of different entrepreneurs and experts in this field to help better understand how companies use AI and which competences are needed to perform these tasks.

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